Top 7 Facebook hack Tips 2023

 Facebook Hack Tips

Attorney General Josh Shapiro alerts Pennsylvania citizens about the latest Facebook Hack

Last week, we learned that Facebook suffered a hack, where users’ data and information from more than 50 million Facebook profiles may have been accessed.  Facebook logged out more than 90 million users, forcing them to log back in with their credentials, to avoid further access to the information.  Its investigation into the hackers and what was accessed is ongoing.

Until we learn more about the hack and information accessed, Attorney General Shapiro wants to provide consumers with tips on how to protect themselves from identity theft or other harm related to this type of hack.

Hack facebook password

Facebook scammers hack accounts, then solicit friends in private messages, in growing scheme

LOS ANGELES -- One woman is warning about a Facebook hack that caused her to lose access to her accounts.

Facebook Hack tips

"It's about 15 years of memories gone," said Vivian Eisenstadt, when she lost control of her Facebook page.

The hack has affected both her personal account and the one for her business.

It all started when she received a private message from what she thought was one of her friends. But the friend had been hacked, and when she clicked on a link her account was hacked as well.

"They immediately changed the recovery, phone number and email so that, whoever's account, they cannot recover their account," Eisenstadt said.

She said the hackers then sent out a message to her friends, claiming she made money using Bitcoin and urging them to invest.

Everyone is a potential target for hackers on Facebook. Even you.

Grandparents who only post the occasional photos, people checking in on their neighborhood groups, and Gen Zers who think they can spot a scam a mile away are all vulnerable. We know because it is overwhelmingly the biggest problem we hear about at Help Desk: My Facebook account was hacked, how do I get back in?

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Since it’s a million times easier to prevent a Facebook hack than it is to fix one after the fact, we recommend taking these simple actions now.

Turn on two-factor authentication

Turning on two-factor authentication means you’ll periodically have to enter a special numerical code in addition to your password when you log in from a new device. Even if a hacker gets your log-in email and password, they cannot access your account without a code.

Go to Settings & privacy → Settings → Meta Accounts Center → Password and security → Two-factor authentication. Select the account you want and enter your password. You’ll see three options to choose from. Here’s what each does in order of how much more secure they are.

Text message (SMS): Facebook will text a number to your phone that you have to enter into the website or Facebook app when you log in, after you enter your password. This is the simplest option and a huge improvement over just a log-in email and password alone.

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Authentication app: This works similar to the text option, but you will open a third-party app to get the numeric code instead of a message. We recommend downloading a free, reputable authentication app like Twilio’s Authy or Google Authenticator (iOS, Android). Using an app instead of text protects you from a serious but uncommon type of hack called a SIM swap.

Security keys: Instead of using a text message or smartphone app, this option will let you authenticate your identity with a physical security key. A small dongle you carry on you at all times like the kind made by Yubico, a security key needs to be plugged into or tapped on the device you’re trying to log in on. This is not necessary for the vast majority of casual Facebook users.

The long, lonely wait to recover a hacked Facebook account

Victims are losing time, money and peace of mind. Facebook is doing next to nothing.

The first time 100 people tuned in for a live stream Lucretia Groce hosted on her Facebook cooking page, she felt a rush. Some viewers, including cancer patients whose appetites had been suppressed by chemo, told Groce that watching her cook made them feel hungry again. “It really touched me,” Groce said, adding that “it felt like I had known these people forever.”

It all abruptly ended a year ago, when Groce got kicked out of her account. Someone had posted abusive content from her page, an email from Facebook said. When she tried to report the action as an error, Facebook showed her the offending post: A video of two children being forced to perform a sex act.

Her account had been hacked. Groce said she cried for hours. Why did the site show her something so horrible with no warning? And how, without access to her personal account, could she recover the business page she had worked hard to grow?

She had started the page after quitting her job as a home health aide at the start of the pandemic. After years producing multiple videos a week, she had grown the page to 17,000 followers. The extra income from ads in her videos allowed her to pay bills and stash aside some savings, she said.

Hackers Can Steal Your Facebook Account With Just A Phone Number

Even where users have chosen strong passwords and taken extra security measures, their  Facebook accounts are not safe from hackers. Researchers have proven just that by taking control of a Facebook account with only a phone number and some hacking skills to exploit the SS7 network, a core piece of telecoms infrastructure shown to be vulnerable repeatedly over the last half decade.

What's the problem with SS7? As the SS7 network trusts messages sent over it regardless of their origin, hackers can trick it into diverting calls and texts to their own devices. All they need is the phone number and some device details to initiate the silent snooping. Positive Technologies, which demoed the Facebook hack for FORBES, recently showed they could also hijack WhatsApp and Telegram accounts with similar tricks.

The Facebook hack takes the exploits a step further, only requiring a phone number. The attacker clicks on the "Forgot account?" link on the homepage. When asked for an email address or phone number linked to the target account, the hacker provides the legitimate number.

Hacker Reveals How to Hack Any Facebook Account

Hacking Facebook account is one of the major queries of the Internet user today. It's hard to find — how to hack Facebook account, but an Indian hacker just did it.

A security researcher discovered a 'simple vulnerability' in the social network that allowed him to easily hack into any Facebook account, view message conversations, post anything, view payment card details and do whatever the real account holder can.

Facebook bounty hunter Anand Prakash from India recently discovered a Password Reset Vulnerability, a simple yet critical vulnerability that could have given an attacker endless opportunities to brute force a 6-digit code and reset any account's password.

Here's How the Flaw Works#

The vulnerability actually resides in the way Facebook's beta domains handle 'Forgot Password' requests.

Facebook lets users change their account password through Password Reset procedure by confirming their Facebook account with a 6-digit code received via email or text message.

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To ensure the genuinity of the user, Facebook allows the account holder to try up to a dozen codes before the account confirmation code is blocked due to the brute force protection that limits a large number of attempts.

7 Sneaky Ways Hackers Can Get Your Facebook Password

On Facebook, not everything is as it seems. No matter how many friends you have, enemies may be lurking there as well.


Facebook can be a great way to stay in contact with friends and family. But it can also make you more vulnerable. Your account likely has a ton of personal data and connections that could benefit a hacker. The more you understand about how a hacker can access your password, the savvier you will be at keeping it safe.

Here are seven sneaky ways hackers can access your password and what you can do to stop them.

Suspicious Emails

You have probably heard many times by now not to open suspicious emails. This is still true today. But fake emails have become much more sophisticated than in the past. Fake emails might appear to be from Facebook and have all the formatting and logos you expect in a legitimate email. It can be very difficult to determine if an email is fake.

Facebook Security in a Nutshell

Our growing dependence on the internet means that we need to be a little more careful online. All the security information out there can be a little overwhelming. But it all boils down to a couple of simple tips. Use unique passwords for all your accounts. Do not click on any links that you do not trust (even if it looks like they are from Facebook). Do not download anything unless you are certain if it is safe. Do not enter sensitive information on public computers or across public Wi-Fi. If in doubt, error on the side of caution.

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